Clear Braces - Pros, Cons And Things To Keep In Mind

Clear Braces - Pros, Cons And Things To Keep In Mind

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1. Clear braces - advantages and disadvantages

1.1. What are clear braces?

Clear braces are a method of using plastic trays that resemble tooth molds to move teeth to the desired position. Transparent braces trays are designed according to the shape to suit each person's tooth shape and each stage of the orthodontic process.

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Transparent braces use plastic trays to create an invisible feeling when used.

1.2. Advantages of transparent braces

* Aesthetics: it is difficult for the other person to notice, so while communicating, you can easily feel confident and comfortable.
* Safety: braces are made from modern plastic material that has been quality tested, so it is safe for health and does not cause customers to experience side effects.
* Modern manufacturing techniques: before making braces, it is necessary to take films and take jaw impressions, then send samples to a center abroad to make braces and then bring them back to Vietnam.
* Easy to remove: you can simply remove the braces without having to worry about food getting stuck in your teeth, eating and drinking causing the braces to come off, and oral hygiene is also easy.
* Save travel time: because braces can be changed at home, customers save travel time compared to traditional braces.

1.3. Disadvantages of clear braces

* High cost: because it has many advantages compared to other braces methods, the cost is 3-4 times higher.
* Long braces time: The higher the degree of misalignment and difficulty of the teeth, the longer the braces need to be. The tray needs to be worn 22 hours/day to not affect the braces results.
* Affects pronunciation: because the braces block the flow of air when pronouncing, it also slightly affects pronunciation.
* Only applies to cases of sparse, misaligned teeth... with mild severity.

2. Are clear braces painful?

Although clear braces are a modern and effective orthodontic method, they still cause certain painful feelings. The essence of braces is to use force to impact the tooth roots, causing the teeth to slowly move to the correct position in the jaw.

Transparent braces, although they do not use the tightening force from brackets and wires like using braces, still require the force of the braces. Therefore, the feeling of dull pain and numbness during braces is difficult to avoid. This pain is necessary for misaligned tooth movement and is a sign that the braces are working well.

However, you can rest assured that the pain with clear braces will be lighter than with braces because the force is only just enough to ensure the gradual movement of the teeth. Another thing worth mentioning is that each person's pain threshold is different, so some people feel mild pain while others find the pain relatively uncomfortable.

3. Clear braces process and some notes

3.1. Clear braces process

Step 1: General dental examination
The doctor conducts a general dental examination, takes X-rays to check the condition of misaligned teeth and existing oral diseases to treat completely before getting braces. tooth.

Step 2: Take an impression of the jaw and come up with a braces regimen.
The doctor takes an impression of the jaw, analyzes, diagnoses and plans specific braces for each stage and then informs about the time needed for braces. customers are known. Based on 3D simulation, customers will also know the results of their braces in advance.

Step 3: The brace tray is designed and manufactured
The customer's 3D jaw model will be scanned and sent to a transparent brace tray manufacturer abroad, then manufactured and sent back to the customer for braces.

Step 4: Deliver the brace tray to the customer and instructions on how to use it
Once the brace tray has been manufactured according to the design, it will be delivered to the customer and the doctor will instruct how to wear and remove the tray. In case you need to keep the tray fixed on your teeth, the doctor will also instruct you how to attach the Attachment to your teeth.

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Transparent braces, if properly performed, have very high sturdiness and aesthetics

Step 5: Instructions for oral care and regular follow-up appointments
The doctor will have specific instructions on oral hygiene later when wearing clear braces and make a specific appointment for the customer to have a follow-up examination.

3.2. Notes after getting clear braces

Scientific oral hygiene
* Regularly clean your teeth and braces to limit plaque formation and bacterial attack.
* Do not use hot water to clean braces.
* Use a soft toothbrush and dental floss to further clean between teeth.

Reasonable diet
* Do not eat a lot of tough, hard foods because it affects the effectiveness of braces.
* Avoid drinks that are too hot or too cold because they have a negative impact on the braces.
* Limit drinking soft drinks and snacks to avoid plaque formation on teeth, causing teeth to become yellow.

Comply with the dentist's instructions on wearing braces: at least 22 hours/day.
Comply with the dentist's instructions on wearing braces: minimum 22 hours/day.
Do not smoke while wearing braces because it causes teeth and braces to become discolored. If you smoke, remove your braces, clean your teeth, and then put the braces back on.

Not everyone is suitable for the orthodontic method of clear braces. Therefore, when you intend to implement this method, it is best to see a dentist for accurate advice.