Hairi - Six-Herb Tea

Black soybeans
Black turmeric
Black seasame seed
Black sticky rice
Black mulberry
Goji berry

Shelf Life
24 months

3g x 20 bags


Hairi - Six-Herb Tea - Hairi

Unlock the Secret to Luscious Locks with Hairi - Six-Herb Tea

Welcome to a world where every sip leads to stronger, shinier, and more vibrant hair. Introducing Hairi - Six-Herb Tea, a carefully crafted blend of nature's finest botanicals designed to revolutionize your hair care routine. Say goodbye to dull, lifeless hair and hello to the luxurious mane you've always dreamed of.


Hairi - Six-Herb Tea

Discover the Power of Nature's Bounty

Our formula harnesses the potent benefits of six exceptional herbs, each selected for its remarkable properties:
Black Soybeans: Infused with protein and vitamins to fortify your hair from within.
Black Turmeric: Soothes the scalp and stimulates hair growth for a fuller, healthier mane.
Black Sesame Seeds: Nourishes your strands with essential nutrients, enhancing shine and texture.
Black Sticky Rice: Protects your hair from environmental damage, ensuring long-lasting vitality.
Black Mulberry: Rich in vitamins C and E, it promotes scalp health and encourages hair growth.
Goji Berry: Shields your hair from oxidative stress, keeping it resilient and strong.

Stimulates Growth: Activate dormant follicles and encourage robust hair growth with our potent herbal blend.
Enhances Shine: Unveil glossy, radiant locks as our tea infuses each strand with nourishing goodness.
Prevents Damage: Shield your hair from everyday stressors and maintain its youthful resilience with antioxidant-rich ingredients.
Improves Scalp Health: Nourish your scalp and promote optimal blood circulation for healthier, stronger hair.
Reduces Hair Fall: Fortify your strands and minimize hair breakage for thicker, fuller-looking hair.
Soothes Irritation: Calm scalp irritation and reduce inflammation for a comfortable, itch-free experience.

Direction for Use: Indulge in a luxurious hair care ritual with Hairi - Six-Herb Tea.
Step 1: Tear open the sachet and retrieve the tea bag.
Step 2: Place the tea bag in a cup or pot.
Step 3: Pour in 100ml - 150ml of boiling water over the tea bag.
Step 4: Allow the tea to steep for 3-5 minutes to extract its full flavor and therapeutic properties.
Optionally, add sugar or honey to taste for a touch of sweetness.
Consume 3 to 5 tea bags per day to maximize its efficacy.

Hairi - Six-Herb Tea is more than just a beverage – it's a holistic approach to hair care that works from the inside out. With each sip, you'll nourish your hair follicles, boost circulation to your scalp, and infuse your strands with essential nutrients. The result? Hair that's not only beautiful to look at but also healthy and resilient from root to tip.

Unleash Your Hair's True Potential
Are you ready to embark on a journey to healthier, happier hair? With Hairi - Six-Herb Tea by your side, the possibilities are endless. Say goodbye to hair woes and hello to the mane of your dreams. Elevate your hair care routine today and experience the transformative power of nature's bounty with Hairi - Six-Herb Tea.


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