Healthy Blood Support


Bottle of 60 capsules

Shelf Life

36 months

Iron: Is the main component of hemoglobin - an iron-rich protein and the main component of red blood cells. From there, it helps the body stay healthy, increases the brain's ability to concentrate, reduces fatigue, releases energy, etc. There are 3 types of iron including:
- Ferrous sulfate
- Ferrous gluconate
- Ferric fumarate

Vitamin B12: Plays an important role in participating in many important metabolic processes, notably folic acid metabolism and DNA synthesis, so it is essential for the synthesis of red blood cells, and is also involved in the production of red blood cells.
Folic acid: is a water-soluble vitamin, a substance that is essential for cell growth and division as well as the formation of blood cells.
In addition to the 3 ingredients above: Vitamin C, Copper, Vitamin A



Healthy Blood Support - RICH BLOOD

Discover the benefits of Healthy Blood Support - RichBlood, a supplement designed to promote overall well-being. Packed with essential nutrients like vitamin B12, iron, and zinc, it supports the production and regeneration of red blood cells. Maintain a healthy nervous system, reduce pressure, stress, and fatigue with this comprehensive formula. Ideal for individuals with iron deficiency anemia, including pre-pregnant, pregnant, and lactating women, as well as teenage girls.


Healthy Blood Support - RichBlood

Uses of Healthy Blood Support - RichBlood
Supports the provision of necessary nutrients for the production and regeneration of red blood cells such as vitamin B12, iron, zinc...
Helps keep the nervous system healthy, helping to reduce pressure, stress and fatigue.
Helps supplement blood for subjects with iron deficiency anemia: Pre-pregnant women, pregnant women and lactating women, and teenage girls.
Supporting blood supplementation for the following cases: Children with helminths, people with trauma, people with blood loss.

Target users
People with iron deficiency anemia, mainly women with heavy menstruation, people following a vegetarian diet and people with poor nutritional habits.
People who want to maintain mental and cardiovascular health.

How long to use for effectiveness 
The length of time you use blood supplements often depends on your specific treatment or prevention goals.
For iron anemia treatment, you may feel improvement after a few weeks, but treatment can last from several months to several years.
For the goal of preventing anemia, the duration of use can be flexible, from a few months to a longer period, depending on individual needs.

Recommendations for use: age, people sensitive to ingredients,...
Do not overdose
The following subjects need attention:
* Under medical care
* Weak physical condition
* People with diarrhea and digestive disorders
=>> You should consult your doctor before using.
In case of: allergies, rashes, stomach pain, loss of appetite, etc., stop using.

Avoid using products containing tannin: Supplementing products containing tannin such as Green Tea will inhibit iron absorption, so you should limit the addition of these foods.
(Looking for quantities corresponding to ingredients)

Instructions for use
Take 1 pill/time, 2 times/day.

Side effects
Constipation: Some people may experience constipation when using iron tablets.
Nausea or vomiting: Some people may experience nausea or vomiting after taking blood supplements.
Increased iron in the blood: If you use blood supplements in the wrong dosage or in case of overdose, iron can increase to high levels in the blood, causing a phenomenon called iron overload.
Difficulty digesting: Some people may have difficulty digesting blood supplements.
Note that these side effects usually only appear when used incorrectly or when there is a history of stomach or digestive problems.

Time of use: Drink immediately after eating

Storage conditions: Blood tonic pills need to be stored in a cool, dry place, and away from direct sunlight. Close the box lid after use to maintain product quality.


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