TraSleepy - NiceSleep

Rotundin 30mg

Apple Kernel 50mg

Emergent Leaves 30mg


Box of 2 blisters x 10 tablets

Shelf life

36 months


TraSleepy - NiceSleep - NICESLEEP

Trasleepy - TraSleepy mental health care with extracts from extremely benign natural herbal ingredients, brings many good benefits for health and spirit, helping to nourish the mind, calm the mind, and reduce stress for users.

Insomnia is not a dangerous disease. However, regularly losing sleep will greatly affect your physical and mental health. Specifically, stress, fatigue, stroke, obesity and diabetes, poor mental appearance, etc. There are many reasons why you experience insomnia such as stress, tension, insomnia. Because of old age, people often feel nervous and have palpitations.

To improve insomnia, you need to overcome the above causes with a reasonable diet and lifestyle. At the same time, you also need the support of products to bring good sleep and TraSleepy is one of the effective options.


Helps sleep naturally and improves sleep quality.
A good night's sleep is very important for your health and spirit. Sleeping well will help you stay comfortable and keep your brain sharp. People with sleep disorders such as insomnia, difficulty sleeping, etc. will affect other parts of the body and brain.
TraSleepy products contain natural ingredients such as apple kernels, coriander leaves, jug root,... which have an inhibitory effect on the central nervous system, helping to calm the mind and bring about natural sleep, improving the quality of sleep. sleep in cases of insomnia due to many other causes such as poor sleep, difficulty sleeping, not deep sleep, not enough sleep.

Helps nourish the mind, calm the mind, reduce stress
Stress and insomnia are not too serious problems, but if prolonged and not promptly overcome, they will lead to consequences such as body weakness and reduced ability to exercise. concentration, fatigue and increased heart rhythm disturbances. To improve sleep quality and limit mental stress, you need to have a flexible lifestyle, nutrition, and products that help nourish the mind and calm the mind effectively.
The herbal ingredients in TraSleepy such as: Apple kernel, Agarwood leaves, Rotundin have calming properties, calm the mind, liver, and phlegm have the effect of nourishing the mind and nourishing the yin and relieving the energy. In particular, jujube also has a sedative effect, treating nervousness and restlessness due to insomnia and nervous breakdown.
Since then, TraSleepy products help calm people and reduce stress in cases of stress and nervous breakdown.

Target users
TraSleepy is suitable for use in the following cases: People with insomnia due to different causes; Insomnia in the elderly.
Cases of anxiety, restlessness, stress, difficulty sleeping, falling asleep slowly or not sleeping deeply, or waking up.

How to use TraSleepy
TraSleepy should be taken before going to bed.
Adults and children over 12 years old: Take 1 - 2 tablets each time.
Children from 7 - 12 years old: Take 1 pill each time.


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